Aerobic exercises performed while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.
chairobic adj.
Example Citation:
I hurt my ankle and I'm having surgery next week. The orthopedic surgeon says I'll be in a cast for a month, then in a walking boot for up to eight weeks. I don't want to lose all my fitness gains, but I don't know what I can do. Do you have any ideas? ...
You'll still be able to do core and low-back exercises. You can do all your upper-body work. ... You might also investigate a chairobics or chair dance video. Although these are designed for physically impaired people and you might not identify with the models, these programs provide a structure for movement.
— Betty Weider, "Down but not out: lessons from the pros for recovery and rehab after injury," Muscle & Fitness, June 1, 2003
Earliest Citation:
Lisa Ericson teaches aerobics. She motivates her class the same as most instructors: "Rotate those shoulders, forward and backward. Come on now, squeeze, up and out ... extend."
But Ericson does her teaching from a wheelchair.
She calls it chairobics and it's becoming popular not only in the handicapped community, but with able-bodied people as well.
Because the program works only the upper body, it is a good alternative for those with broken legs, problem knees or sprained ankles. Pregnant women, people with arthritis and those with bad hips participate as well.
— Carol Boos, "Instructor rolls chairobics to a place in fitness scene," The Denver Post, May 28, 1991
Abilities Rehabilitation Center programs include "chairobic" exercises and the Gamefield Wheelchair Sports Course.
— Pat Fenner, "Paraplegic seeks access to Gulf," St. Petersburg Times, July 24, 1987
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